Simply Sides: Turkey Day Baked Sweet Potatoes with Super Sauce

26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving! Before the feasting festivities begin today, I thought I’d take a sec to tell you guys what I’m thankful for, and I’m going to share some sweet potato goodness in case you don’t know what to bring to dinner tonight. I’m thankful for my family, who has stuck by me no matter what; Collin for being adventurous enough to take the jump across the country with me; my insanely, amazing friends who are doing great things everyday and constantly inspiring me;  snow and mountains; being healthy; and the pursuit of happiness.  I hope you all have a delicious and fabulous day with the people you love and lots of food. And now, for the sweet tots.

What ya need:

Sweet Potatoes



Tin Foil

Super Sauce:

Cream Cheese

Sour Cream


Grated Parmesan

Preheat oven to 400F. Wash the potatoes, dry them and poke holes all over them. Then, rub them with butter and season with S&P. Wrap each tot in a piece of tinfoil with a small sliver of butter. Bake for an hour or so. You will know that the sweet potatoes are done if you can poke a fork straight through the fattest part of the potatoes with no difficulty. Each potato might cook differently so check each one. This dish is best when the consistency is kinda mushy so let them go a little bit longer if you see fit.

For the sauce, just mix all those ingredients together. Quantities will depend on how many people you are trying to feed. For example, today I made 6 tots so that 12 people could each have half with their Thanksgiving smorgasbord, so for the sauce I used one square pack of Philadelphia Cream Cheese with about half a large container of sour cream and a fair sprinkling of pepper and Parmesan, and there was a fair amount of leftover sauce.

Once again, Happy Turkey Day, and have a good turkey coma. Nighty night.


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