Le Chateau Fondue Restaurant

18 Nov

I need to get real serious with you all for a second here.

If you haven’t been to this place yet, your life is incomplete. This fancy find is located at 1040 15th St in the downtown area, and it’s every cheese-and-chocolate lover’s paradise.I had to roll myself down the street like the fat kid in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I guess I did that to myself since we ordered the four-course meal for two that is only meant for people with an extra cow stomach. We dined on salads; a fondue cheese course served with apples, breads, carrots and celery; a main course of shrimp, chicken, two types of steak and salmon; and just when we had enough the chocolate/marshmallow dip. While it was all amazing, I would have been happy with just the cheese and chocolate. What else could a girl need?

Le Chateau has a solid French menu as well, but I honestly didn’t even look at it. What can I say, I’m in it for the cheese. You can check them out at Le Chateau.

I told you this was serious.


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