Local Lunch: Organixx

16 Oct

Under normal circumstances, I throw away any and all junk mail that comes into my mailbox including pages of coupons. But in this time of recession and the lacking of personal funding that has resulted from it, I have taken a liking to checking out these money savers and using them A LOT. Yes, I have turned into a coupon clipper, but hell if that means I get to eat out every once in a while I will take it. A 50-percent-off coupon led me to Organixx, located at 1520 Blake St., just around the corner from the 16th Street Mall.

Organixx features “organic, natural, local, wild caught and traditional products” and a decent price, with sandwiches and salads running you around $8-9. We went for dinner, which is apparently not Organixx busiest time of day, given that we were the only people in the restaurant, but it was pretty good. While the food was fresh and “microwave-free,” there seemed to be something lacking in both of the meals we ordered. The steak dinner with a thick Asian-inspired ginger and wine sauce was savory, but the portion was teeny tiny, and the jerk chicken sandwich was lacking in any real “jerk” as far as I could tell.

Overall, if you are looking for a fresh alternative to McDonald’s and you’ve grown sick of Chipotle burritos then Organixx is definitely worth checking out. The restaurant also has a free-wine special during happy hour, and that my friends is worth looking into.


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